Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Club serious about competition archery?

 Members enter competitions from time to time, and indeed the Club does organise competitions but, if winning is everything to you, you may be in the wrong place. The Club is more a social Club with archery at its heart. We encourage members to do their best, but that has never been at any cost! We are all about community, encouraging and helping each other.

What is the Club’s Hot Weather Policy?

If the Fire Danger Rating in the Mount Lofty Ranges Fire Ban District is listed as EXTREME or CATASTROPHIC, the Club’s activities for that day are cancelled. (Coaching course sessions affected will be re-scheduled and participants notified.)

Please check the CFS website for current (and the next day’s) fire ban information.

Are there any restrictions on the use of crossbows at HILLS ARCHERS?

Limited to the maximum weight prescribed for Target Crossbow (i.e. 44 kg)
(See the ARCHERY SA website pertaining to crossbows in SA.)

Are dogs permitted?

Any canine friend is welcome under effective control, or on a lead when archery is in progress.

What restrictions apply to smoking?

In the interests of promoting and maintaining a healthy environment, HILLS ARCHERS is a non-smoking venue.

On Club days, the entire grounds are smoke-free (this includes the use of all electronic cigarettes/vapes). We are a Good Sports Club and wish to maintain a great environment, by disconnecting unhealthy activity from healthy sport.

Who can shoot at our Club shoots?

A. A person accepted as a financial member of HILLS ARCHERS.

B. A graduate of a beginners’ course with HILLS ARCHERS, returning as a Temporary Member (under instruction).*

C. A member of another Archery Australia affiliated Club (AA membership card required).*

D. A member affiliated with an International Federation (World Archery/IFAA, etc).*

E. A member of ABA, 3DAAA or TAA (membership card required) – up to four times in a calendar year.*

F. A Temporary Member of HILLS ARCHERS for a specific event (e.g. TryArchery/corporate/social events, etc).
* A Visitor Fee applies

Is there a minimum age?

The minimum age is 9 years.

The Club uses cashless transactions….. why?

Quick and easy; no need to ensure the Treasurer is available.

Convenience for all.

Payment via debit/credit card.

Suitable for the PC, iPad/tablet, iPhone/Android mobile phone.

Event entries, membership payments, and member records instantly updated.

Errors minimised, and legible information.

Transparent, secure, and payments don’t go “missing” – the online equivalent of a rigorous paper trail.

Volunteer Club Officers unburdened from time-consuming work.

Seamless, reducing the operating costs of the Club.

Makes sense and is COVID-Safe!

Why does the membership/registration system want you to create an account?

Email is a unique identifier and, in combination with a password, is a good way for a site to verify that it is dealing with a real person. Websites want to avoid spammers and bots. Unique identifiers (email, with a user-created password), prove more difficult for spammers to achieve their goals.

Can I travel to Lenswood using public transport?

Alas, no – the closest public transport is a bus to Lobethal – and it is not available on weekends. (The alternative? –  a friend /family / taxi / flexicar / Uber.)