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We are keen to make a positive impression in promoting this great sport. Our fees provide great value. There are no “per shoot” fees for Club Members.

Our fees are:
(From 1 January, 2024 – subject to change without notice)

(With the new registration system (from 1 March, 2024), fees incur a 3% transaction fee… but we have incorporated it within the existing fee structure, so there is no overall increase – because that’s who we are.)


Joining Fee (Individual) (includes Club shirt) $80.00
Joining Fee (Family of 2 or more) (includes Club shirts) $160.00
Adult Membership+ $298.00*
Minor^ Membership+ $238.00*
Family# Membership (3 or more)+ $596.00*
Associate** Membership+ (must be a current financial member of another Archery Australia Club) $150.00
Temporary Player Membership (must already be a member of ABA or 3DAAA) – maximum of 4 visits in 12 months $40.00
Temporary Player Membership (under instruction) – fee included in coaching course fee (see below)
Social / Supporter & Volunteer Membership (non-shooting) $40.00
Casual Visitor Fee (paid per visit) – person who is a member of another Club (or intending to join HILLS ARCHERS) $10.00
Club Equipment Hire (per session) $10.00
Participation in QRE fee (non-members), including Visitor Fee $12.00
Discount on Joining Fee (Individual / Family) having completed this Club’s coaching course – joins the Club within the Temporary Membership period (9 weeks/9 visits; whichever comes first), following the completion of the coaching course 20%##
Beginner Coaching Course (individual) $110.00
Beginner Coaching Course (family of 2 or more) (rebate on each registration) 20%
TryArchery session (by prior arrangement only) (per person) $30.00
(All fees are per person, unless indicated otherwise.)
*   Membership fees include affiliation with ARCHERY South Australia and Archery Australia
+   A daily shooting fee does not apply
^   “Minor” means under 18 years of age at the time of joining or renewal (Primary School age children with a School Sports Voucher are eligible for a rebate – click here for further information)
**  Associate Member: Only Club fees are required (as ARCHERY SA & AA fees have been paid via another Club) and, an Associate has all the privileges/rights of a “full” member
#   “Family” (member fees) means three or more persons of the same family (includes de facto and guardian arrangements) and residing at the same address
## Participants who complete a coaching course via promotions/redeemed vouchers are not eligible for the Joining Fee credit.

Step 1 – Joining Fee

If you have completed a Beginners Course (3 sessions) with HILLS ARCHERS or another *Archery Australia affiliated Club, or have previously been a member of an archery Club, you can apply to join the Club. A joining fee (for all first-time applicants, including Associate Membership) applies.

Please complete the payment via our online process here…. (you will have to create an account first – but you only have to do this once)

Joining Fee

If you haven’t already, you will need to create an account, as the first part of Step 1.

If you have been a Temporary Member (undertaking instruction); that is, you have completed a coaching course with us, please contact the Club to be provided a PIN code (for the reduced Joining Fee##, as applicable).

Contact Us before commencing Step 2, so we can direct you to the correct online subscription.

*If you are, or have been, a member of another Archery Australia Club and have completed Step 1, please contact us so we can request a transfer of your membership record from the other Club.

##Those who undertake the coaching course using a promotion/redeemed voucher, are not eligible for the Joining Fee credit.

Step 2 – Membership Fees

NEW Members….

New membership - JOIN

RENEWING Your Membership….


Sports Vouchers

For School age members (5 years to 15 years) – further information

Club Merchandise

To purchase Club merchandise for members,

Order here

For the non-Member/General range – CLICK HERE

(Pay by credit/debit card)

Our Club shirts, vests and caps are produced by:

Sports Centre Sports Wear

Additional Coaching?

Did you attend 1 or 2 of our coaching sessions and would like to complete the full coaching course? Contact us for additional sessions – we’ll let you know what dates are available.

Group Bookings

Do you have a group of people who wish to try archery? Contact us and we’ll let you know what dates are available. Conditions apply.