**Fraudulent Transactions Activity** (Resolved)

Update: this issue has been resolved by GAMEDAY and mechanisms put in place to prevent any recurrence(s).

HILLS ARCHERS was made aware of fraudulent transactions of payments to us on Wednesday, 20 September.

The activity continued throughout the day – the banks, Scamwatch, our online transaction provider and the payment gateway provider have been advised.

We received notification of nearly 520 transactions at $100 each. All transactions contain bogus information; name, date of birth, contact details, so there is no way to find out who has been affected.

Apparently, those responsible use some sort of random number generator of credit card details, and while there have been a lot of failures, there have been several positive “hits”.

We actually do not receive any monies, until the payment gateway provider “settles” the accounts with the organisations they deal with, the following week. Monies are placed into a holding/trust account. (Needless to say we won’t be receiving any of those monies.)


The advice from the banks is that any affected individual MUST contact their financial institution and request a PAYMENT RECALL. This may also require cancellation of the credit/debit card involved.

We appreciate the potential trauma and inconveneince involved and, rest assured, we are advised work in the “back end” to prevent any recurrence is ongoing (we are not the only organisation affected).

(For the time being, the purchase of Gift Vouchers online via this site is not available, and will have to be transacted via an email to the Club and probably a bank transfer (EFT).)

Please be aware that we have been instructed not to respond to phone calls and emails from “unknown/dubious sources”.